We don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary, which is why we’ve assembled a league of industry experts who are at the top of their game. Our team is comprised of the finest minds in property management, each armed with the knowledge and skills to provide you with unparalleled advice and service.

Ashlea Merlo


Ashlea Merlo is a highly experienced and passionate real estate professional with over 16 years in the industry. As the Co-Director of The Property Collab, she spearheads the organization’s innovation and growth initiatives. Ashlea’s deep understanding of the Australian property market and her exceptional track record as a leasing strategist make her a trusted partner for clients seeking to maximize their return on investment and minimise risk.  With her extensive industry knowledge, Ashlea is able to analyze various micro-markets and navigate changing property dynamics to leverage returns. She fosters a culture of solutions and innovation, ensuring her team stays ahead of industry evolution and legislative requirements.

0412 945 645

Stephanie Livoti


The driving force behind customer experience at The Property Collab bringing more than 16 years of industry expertise and knowledge in property investment, leasing, and management. She is highly astute and analytical, with a deep understanding of property investment, leasing, and management. Stephanie’s accomplishments include being a former Board member of the REI NSW – Young Agents Chapter, featured in various publications, and a recipient of prestigious awards. While serving as a Co-Director, Stephanie prioritises delivering an exceptional customer experience. She leverages state-of-the-art technology and customised communication strategies to ensure optimal outcomes for her clients.

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Bailey Lee

Assistant Agent & Marketing

Exuding vibrancy, meticulousness, and unwavering drive, Bailey Lee closely collaborates with our Directors to ensure utmost client satisfaction. With sincere warmth and approachability, Bailey effortlessly grasps her clients’ requirements, seamlessly aligning with our team’s vision.

Bailey’s adaptability and innovative mindset enable her to continuously challenge the conventional norms of property management. Working closely with Ashlea, she plays a pivotal role in spearheading new projects, executing marketing strategies for our clients and overseeing all of our agencies compliance to ensure our clients are best protected.


0426 624 524

Katherine White

Assistant Agent & Leasing Specialist

Katherine White plays a crucial role in the success of The Property Collab, with a deep understanding of property investment. Her tenure with the team has equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel. As the Tenant Matching Executive and Leasing Specialist, Katherine works tirelessly to pair high quality tenants in the quickest time frames for our clients. She takes pride in advocating for clients, managing their valuable assets, and helping tenants find their new homes. With her meticulous and warm approach, Katherine fosters relationships that ensure both Investors and Tenants feel heard, while also assisting owners in creating wealth through property.


0451 990 665


Are you ready to join a team that’s revolutionising the world of property management?
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